Another Nail in the Coffin

Justin Goldman


Ray Emery


Ray Emery is quite the troubled soul these days. His tirade at the end of Thursday’s pre-game skate followed by a lame excuse for being late to Friday’s practice was, to put it lightly, very childish. The fact that Senators head coach John Paddock sent him home from the rink sulking like a disappointed pre-teen schoolgirl instead of a pro hockey player is just another nail in his coffin. The organization has simply had enough of Emery’s absurd antics and if he isn’t careful he’ll go right off the deep end into NHL anonymity.


Call it a distraction, call it flamboyant over-zealousness. Whatever it is, it’s not making his teammates very happy. The stories are stacking up like something out of that horrible TMZ show – everything from his road rage to his wardrobe to his recent noticeable and ludicrous lack of effort at practice, there’s always a story with ‘Rageaholic Ray’. Nobody wants to hear a pro hockey player whine, and even though Emery may not be verbally whining, he is certainly showing ridiculous immaturity through his actions.


To his credit, he did respond to Friday’s fiasco by showing up to practice early on Saturday morning in order to work with goalie coach Eli Wilson. While that may have calmed the stormy seas just a little bit, rest assured the media buzz heading into Saturday night’s game against the Washington Capitals was still focused on Emery’s attitude problems as opposed to Martin Gerber continuing his great play or how to contain Alex Ovechkin. Having the reputation of a goalie with on and off-ice problems is the worst thing that can possibly happen. You’re nothing but a nuisance, a scab that won’t heal, a festering wound.


In Emery’s defense, there’s a valid reason why he’s been so visibly upset this season. It is said that no goalie should ever lose his starting job due to an injury, yet that’s exactly what has happened. That would tear up any goalie inside and out, no matter what kind of mental framework the player has. Part of his frustration comes from his inability to perform at last year’s level, as Emery is only 5-3-3 with an 89.1 save percentage and a mediocre 2.88 goals-against average this season. He started the season 2-0 with big wins over Florida and Atlanta but dropped his next three decisions to Washington, Buffalo and Philadelphia. Those three losses were key chances to win key games for his team, yet he was unable to perform. In 12 games, Emery has allowed four goals in five of them…not very starter-like. It’s a frustrating time when capable goalies cannot come through for their teammates, so his unhappiness is a normal reaction – thrashing about and swinging a stick around at the end of a practice is not.


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