Fix Your Fantasy Hockey Team!

Ian Fergusson


Paul Stastny


Welcome to “An Expert’s Audit”. I’ve been writing these sorts of things for several years now, previously at another website and most recently at my own Blog . I approached Dobber about doing this sort of thing and submitting it for posting and he ran with it. I’m grateful for the opportunity. My name is Ian Fergusson and I post similar types of audits on my fantasy hockey Blog, shallowfrozenwater.


When Dobber announced this upcoming feature we were flooded (literally flooded) with requests for an audit, which of course is really gratifying and I give Dobber all the credit for running such a superb hockey site that something like this can take off so easily. Anyway, I sorted through the submissions and selected one that hit close to home. I picked a Winnipeg boy. I’m a Winnipeg boy and in his request for an audit he opened with a Go Jets Go … so I was hooked…


Let me introduce you folks to R.J. Pangman, or "the taxman" as I call him. RJ works for Revenue Canada and I couldn’t resist the idea of doing an audit on a taxman. Besides, if I pull this off then it never hurts to have a taxman in your corner, particularly if he owes you a favor, and you do RJ!

RJ manages the New Jets in a 12-team roto keeper league at CBSSportsline. I don’t know if you’ve ever checked out the game engine at CBSSportsline or not but I mostly like it, it allows for some options that you can’t get in other engines that I’ve looked at. It’s actually quite accommodating for keeper leagues.


RJ’s league has 35 man rosters including minor leagues and they keep 25 players from year to year. There’s no waiver wire to speak of, unless a person is drafted and then dumped to waivers in which case he becomes a free agent that can be claimed. Instead of having waiver wire/FA pickups they hold two mid season drafts that are essentially waiver adds. If you were to lose a player to injury or if he returns home to live with mommy or something then the only ways to get replacements are by adding a FA (that would be a guy that one of your competitors drafted and later dropped), trading, or by getting and using picks in these two midseason drafts.