Back in the La-limelight

Justin Goldman


Patrick Lalime


Remember when Patrick Lalime was the scorching hot starter for the Ottawa Senators and was averaging more than 30 wins for four consecutive seasons? That sure seems like ancient times to all you fantasy hockey freaks, but for him it’s a vivid memory, as if it were only yesterday. The same feeling is shared with Chicago Blackhawks head coach Dennis Savard, who continues to roll with his philosophy of playing the hot goaltender and has put his trust in Lalime for the time being. Fortunately, it’s paying off when the organization needs it most.

It all started on Jan. 13, when Savard rested Nikolai Khabibulin for a game (boy, did he need it) in Nashville after he had lost seven games during the Hawks' eight-game winless streak. Lalime responded by leading Chicago to a 3-2 shootout victory over the Predators, which single-handedly pulled his team out of quicksand, because the more the Hawks tried to stop sinking, the deeper they went.

That game was more than just a big win for Lalime; it was an eye-opening experience. He realized that his confidence was rising with each and every save he made, a situation that all goaltenders live for. Channeling the energy that comes with making big saves when your team needs them most into inspired play by the forwards and defenseman in front of you is something a head coach always wants to see from a goaltender but never really expects to happen, especially after just one game. But it happened to Lalime, and out of nowhere, he’s become the man again.

Even though Khabibulin had done a fairly formidable job carrying the team for most of the season, Savard could care less which goalie was winning, so long as they could win enough games to push the Hawks into the playoffs. Even Khabibulin’s $6.75 million dollar salary compared to Lalime’s $950,000 is just that – a salary – so it had no impact on Savard about who would be getting the brunt of the starts.

This sudden revival of Lalime’s exhausting career as a “star turned sour” made a turn for the better the day he signed with Chicago, as now he’s now being coined as the Hawks’ veteran leader on a team of young guns. His four straight wins, including three by shootout over Nashville, Colorado and then Phoenix, were all considered goalie duels that he won. But more importantly he overshadowed great performances by two very hot goalies in Jose Theodore