Western Conference All-Fantasy Team

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 Joe Thornton


In honor of the upcoming NHL All-Star game, I have put together my version of the Western Conference All-Fantasy Team. This team will actually consist of three separate lineups, each with their own twist. Let the debate begin!


As a new feature, be sure to check out the HockeyDB.com link for each player's current and career stats.

1st Lineup: The Stars- Your fantasy superstars.
C- Joe Thornton Many would argue for the well-rounded statistics of Getzlaf, but I give Thornton credit for doing so much with so little help.
Runners-Up: Getzlaf, Datsyuk
LW- Henrik Zetterberg Here is an easy choice. With all the other elite left wingers in the East, no one comes close to Zetts in the West… despite his missing five games. He is already approaching his totals in 63 games last year.
Runners-Up: Nash, Huselius
RW- Jarome Iginla In another very easy call, Iginla takes the right wing with his conference leading 63 points and 32 goals. He is possibly the best player in fantasy right now.
Runners-Up: Perry, Gaborik
D- Nicklas Lidstrom Is there any question? Same old, same old here. He is the best.
D- Dion Phaneuf
In the tightest of races, Phaneuf steals the 2nd spot on the defense. He has played fewer games than Pronger, but without shots on goal, Chris takes it.
Runners-Up: Pronger, Rafalski
G- Roberto Luongo
After a bit of a slow start, Luongo quickly climbed back to where he belongs. His GAA is