Trade Deadline 2008: A Preview

Jeff Angus


Peter Forsberg


Even though the deadline is still more than two weeks away, many experts around the league are predicting some big deals to go down before February 26th. There are big names that are constantly in rumors to a variety of teams. Below is a comprehensive breakdown – and prediction – as to what happens to these stars on the move.


Mats Sundin
Sundin has a ton of teams after him, but with the NTC he can dictate where he wants to go. The Leafs are obviously going to be sellers, and word around the league is that Sundin wants to stay in Canada, which would make both Vancouver and Calgary attractive trading options for Toronto. Toronto will obviously push hard for Alex Edler, but he is a non-starter from the Canucks’ perspective.
The Angus Prediction: Sundin is dealt to Vancouver, for prospects Luc Bourdon, Michael Grabner, a first-round draft pick, and forward Matt Cooke.

Olli Jokinen
Jokinen may be the most attractive piece available at the deadline this year, because he is young and still signed past this season. Rumors out of Florida are that Jokinen and Jacques Martin do not see eye to eye, and Florida may accommodate a move to a contender for Jokinen. Calgary keeps getting mentioned with Alex Tanguay going the other way, but Florida could do better.
The Angus Prediction: Jokinen (reluctantly) remains a Panther.

Peter Forsberg
Forsberg has dwindled down his prospective teams to include the likes of Colorado, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Philadelphia. The word is that his health is good, and he would obviously provide a huge boost. Some interesting tidbits with Forsberg though: he wants a two-three year deal, which would make it awfully tough for either Ottawa or Philadelphia to fit him in long-term. Vancouver makes the most sense because of their cap space (as well as a glaring hole at center), but Forsberg may be reluctant to sign with a rival of the Avalanche.
The Angus Prediction: He may have already signed with Philadelphia by the time you are reading this article.

Adam Foote
Foote is the type of player that every single playoff team would love to add to their roster. The Jackets would love to add some futures close to the NHL for Foote, who is a free agent after this season. His veteran presence and defensive play would be a huge, huge boost to any and all contending teams. Expect the