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Teemu Selanne


The Anaheim Ducks just gave Status a report of their own. Having read last week’s column, they “quacked” up the intensity with a four game winning streak.


Call it the Teemu effect. His returned has apparently inspired this team to another streak just as the return of Niedermayer had done a few weeks prior. This time, with their biggest gun back, it looks like they can sustain it. Even though they’ve still played as many games as anyone in the Western Conference, eight points in a week makes a world of difference for their chances. Selanne also contributed to the revolt against another J Status article of the past… New Year Revolutions

Here’s a recap on how these slump artists are recovering:

5. Miikka Kiprusoff
Pre-article: 19 wins in 39 games, 49% Won
Post-article: 9 wins in 15 games, 60% Won

4. Patrick Marleau
Pre-Article: 18 points in 39 games, 0.46 PPG
Post-Article: 10 points in 16 games, 0.62 PPG

3. Matt Carle
Pre-Article: 8 points in 32 games, .25 PPG
Post-Article: 5 points in 16 games, 0.31 PPG

2. Teemu Selanne
Pre-Article: Retired, 0.00 PPG
Post-Article: Not Retired, 0.50 PPG

1. Jonathan Cheechoo
Pre-Article: 10 points in 32 games, 0.31 PPG
Post-Article: 12 points in 16 games, 0.75 PPG


Though I didn’t delve too far into the numbers, the point is still clear. Every single player from that article has improved. So, either they all were energized by the harsh spotlight, or this just goes to show you that generally, the valleys of fantasy hockey do eventually level out again. This really supports the importance of buying low because even the most disappointing performers of a season usually improve… especially if they have had a history of success in the past.

The Status Report:

Buy Low:
Keith Yandle, D, PHO
We have been over this before numerous times. Phoenix is a place you want to invest for the next few y