NHL Picks for Saturday, March 22, 2008

Joel Stainer





Notch is away this week, so Joel Stainer – aka "Doulos" – checks in with his winners. Maybe his tips will help you with some tough decisions on your Saturday ticket.



Colorado @ Edmonton – Colorado has owned the Oilers
this season regardless of their roster status.
Combine that with the big let down of the Oilers last
loss to the Canucks and this one should easily go the
Av's way.


Chicago @ Nashville
– The Preds have struggled in the
past couple weeks and Chicago is playing like they
have nothing to lose.  But Nashville is still within
striking distance of the playoffs and is going to want
to prove it.  Both of these teams like to win or lose


Los Angeles @ Dallas – The last 5 games have been
tough games all against playoff teams for the Stars.
They will be looking to feast upon the Kings who have
struggled to put up much more then 2 goals per game
over their last 10.  


Boston @ Montreal – The Habs have outscored the Bruins
36-14 this year, winning all 7 games against them.
Boston is looking more and more like they will be the
team looking in from the outside come playoff time and
Montreal is getting ready to prove they can be a
playoff team as well.


Toronto @ Ottawa – The Leafs are determined to be
comfortably in their 9th place spot in the East as per
usual and Ottawa has lost both previous Saturday night
games against them this year – It's a conspiracy!


Tampa Bay @ Florida – Often when teams have a streak
broken like the Panthers (7 straight before losing to
Carolina) they drop their momentum and will keep
losing.  This one goes to a shootout and Tampa Bay
take it.


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Detroit @ Columbus – The series is split this year
between these two teams, and that's a pretty decent
feat for any team to claim against the Wings.  Feeling
a little banged up the Wings will barely win this one.


New Jersey @ Pittsburgh – Game of the night, this one
should be a good one to watch.  Almost identical home
and away records, very even in their last 10 games,
this one will come down to how 'epic' Marty feels like
playing.  With New Jersey playing the night previous
I'm giving the Pens the edge.


Anaheim vs Phoenix – The Ducks don't normally score a
lot of goals but the banged up Coyotes have not looked
very good the past few games and have be