DobberHockey’s Ultimate Playoff Pool 2008

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DobberHockey is running another smokin’ playoff hockey pool that is free to join and offers fantastic – and I mean kick-ass – prizes. Since DobberHockey is your main source for fantasy hockey tips, it only makes sense that we offer the best free online pool you can join . Read on for details.



Dobber's Playoff Pool – the No.1 online pool manager out there – has graciously agreed to host the pool. Their system is so flexible that I was able to easily set up a box-pool format, which is more appropriate for the 1000-plus entries I expect. Normally, I use to run and track my one-year leagues that were done via a draft system – with customizable columns and easy to download reports, so this box-pool setup was another great example of their flexibility.

Trash talking is welcome – and encouraged.

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