Problems Getting Dobber’s Playoff Draft List

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I'm spending way too much time responding to emails about this, time that I don't need to spend…so please give this page a quick look-see and help a brother out:



Problem: I haven't had the draft list emailed.


Solution: That is because it is not emailed. You have to log onto DobberHockey and retrieve it in the "Downloads" section.



Problem: I can't find the Downloads section.


Solution: Login. Then click "Downloads" (right side of main menu)



Problem: I go to "Downloads" and the product says "pending".


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Solution: If you used a credit card, this shouldn't say "pending". So please contact us. If you used Paypal, sometimes this can take 10 minutes. Hopefully your draft isn't for a few days, but if you waited until the last minute and need it now then contact us. We check the admin inbox every 3-4 hours so hopefully it times itself right and we can help you in time.



Problem: I didn't register, so now how do I get the guide?


Solution: Register.



Problem: I can't enable macros/can't click the boxes.


Solution:  click on tools , then macro , then security level has to be set to low. Exit and get back in. Should be okay. If not, go to "view" and "toolbars" and pick "control toolbox". Make sure that the light blue triangle is NOT pressed in. If it is pressed in, press it and pop it back out. Should work now.

Hope this helps. If not, go to the forum and post your macro/excel problem.