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Hallsey back for a week of rambling while Dobber gets drunk and smokes Cuban cigars.  


The "mule" Johan Franzen scored another game winner last night. An overtime goal to send the Wings ahead in the series 3-2 now heading back to Nashville. If your pool or league happens to count GWG as a high priority pick him up-NOW. Otherwise he will be a solid role player perhaps capable of topping out in the 55-65 point category. Similar production to teammate Holmstrom. 


Bobby Ryan was sent down to Portland(AHL) yesterday and obviously did not play in the Ducks 5-2 win last night.


Saku Koivu will be a gametime decision tonight for the Habs. I honestly expect this to be a motivational ploy only. He may even take the warmup tonight but I don't think he will play. If they lose tonight game 7 is a more realistic possibility.


In case you were on the moon yesterday, Bryan Murray has stated that Ray Emery will be traded this offseason, and if that fails he would then be waived. Somewhere in the sunny south would suit Emery just fine. Think Tampa Bay or maybe even L.A if Bernier is not ready for prime-time next year.


D-man Jaroslav Modry of the Flyers will apparently miss games 6 and 7 of the Phili-Wash. series should it go that far. He has to return home to attend his Father's funeral.


Jason Arnott missed last night's game against Detriot. With Nashville scoring only 1 goal look for him to play at all costs in game 6.


Steve Mason, Columbus super-pick, and Kitchener Rangers starter, underwent knee surgery yesterday and will be out until at least the Memorial Cup tournament-which the Rangers are hosting. I think this is very optimistic. Peter Deboer is a very smart coach and if John Unice, their backup, plays well I don't think we will see Mason again unless like I said, Unice is horrible.


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Under 18 tournament update has a pair of 16 year-olds staking claim to early pick status for the 2010 NHL draft. Both Taylor Hall and Matt Duchense have been outstanding. Hall has a little more upside but Duchense is definately a more complete player at 16. I have seen both play several times this year in the "O" and they were both impact 16 year olds. If your league has no restriction on draft age, scoop these 2 up now because after another season in the OHL, everyone will know about them.


Some hope for Leafs fans-Former 4th rounder and Toronto boy, Dale Mitchell has shown some great scoring and poise in the Oshawa Generals playoff run. It's just too bad that Belleville is about to put them out. You may remember after the Leafs drafted him he stated that "he would love to lift the cup on Yonge Street someday". Cocky or foretelling?? He will never be more than a good 3rd liner who can fill in on a scoring line if needed anyway.


Cory Trevino of Canada's Under 18 world team has also had a great tournament. He nothched a hattrick earlier in the tournament. I only mention this