DobberHockey Playoff Expert Panel Round 2

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Round 1 is complete, and it's time to check in on the DobberHockey Expert Panel. Find out how they fared through the quarterfinals, and who they've seen in their crystal balls for Round 2.

Not a great start for the DobberHockey Crew, going 5-3 with the consensus picks.  Angus, Bugg, Ma and Pa (Lanky) all went 6-2.  Dobber and Goldman were average going 5-3 in the first round.  Miller, Status, Maltais and Notch all brought the average down with 4-4 records.

Everyone on the Panel correctly picked Montreal and Detroit to win their opening matches.  Only two (Angus & Bugg) predicted Dallas over Anaheim.  Bugg was the only one to take the Flyers over the smoking hot Caps.


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                MTL vs PHI PIT vs NYR DET vs COL SJ vs DAL
 Dobber (5-3) MTL in 5 PIT in 5 DET in 7 SJ in 7
 Angus (6-2) MTL in 6 PIT in 6 COL in 7 DAL in 7
 Bugg (6-2) MTL in 6 NYR in 6 DET in 7 DAL in 7
 Miller (4-4) PHI in 6 PIT in 6 DET in 5 SJ in 6
 Status (4-4) MTL in 6 PIT in 5 COL in 7 SJ in 6
 Hallsey (0-0) MTL in 5 PIT in 7 DET in 6 SJ in 6
 Goldman (5-3)  MTL in 6  NYR in 7  DET in 7  DAL in 6
 Lanky (6-2)