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With DobberHockey all but ordained “Fantasy-Hockey Central”, it only makes sense that we host challenging – and free – pools for the thousands of readers who frequent the site.

Now some long awaited info on the three-tiered 2007-08 DobberHockey rotisserie league, as well as the current DobberHockey Playoff Pool (which, by the way, is Dobber’s way of weeding out the weak), as well as the upcoming 2008-09 version of the three-tiered roto league.


2007-08 Three-tiered Roto-League

The usual rotisserie rules, four goalie cats and six offensive cats. Daily transactions.
Tier 1 – The Experts Division
TOP 2: The Comish, Notch
BOTTOM 2: Sticks & Stones, Bugg’s Brigade

Tier 2 – The ‘Pro Division’
TOP 2: Repent Tokyo, Doulos
BOTTOM 2: Pete, Dynamo

Tier 3 – The ‘Rookie Division’

TOP 2: rattus rattus, Youth Injection

Comish (Russ Miller of Eastern Edge), Notch (Steve Johnson of Notch’s Saturday Picks), Repent Tokyo, Doulos, rattus rattus and Youth Injection all receive the Ultimate Fantasy Pack 2008C for FREE which includes Dobber’s 2008 Fantasy Prospect Report (out June 1), Dobber’s 2008-09 Fantasy Guide and Draft List (out August 1 and updated through mid-October), Dobber’s 2008-09 Midseason Fantasy Guide (out early January), and Dobber’s Interactive Playoff Draft List 2009. The package is valued at $40.80, on sale now for $27.95.

In addition, each of them get a free DobberHockey T-Shirt – or hat – from Spreadshirt. These six gentlemen need to email me  ([email protected]) with the item that they want and I will place the order. Anyone else, if you want to purchase or browse some swag CLICK HERE . There is a great promo on where if you purchase a tote bag, you get 15% off of your order (use coupon code: BOSTONECO).

2008 DobberHockey Playoff Pool

This box-pool setup (brought to you by