Don’t Let A Gretzky Ruin Your Team

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Evil Gretzky


Hello again everyone. It's been a while. With the playoffs going on, and the Evil Empire… I mean Detroit Red Wings doing so well, I've been reminiscing about the old days.



The Detroit success is once again bringing me back to my early years as a hockey fan. These aren't really very good memories. That's because I was a St. Louis Blues fan. I still am but now I am more of a fan of the league than just one team. Regardless, here is what I have been thinking about.


I hope Detroit beats Dallas. I don't really like either team as a Blues fan but I despise Detroit as a St. Louis native. So why do I want them to win? I want them to win because I want to see them lose in the spotlight. 


Now don't get me wrong Detroit fans. You have a spectacular team and you should be proud. This would just help me exercise some demons. Here is why… 


Stanley Cup Playoffs, 1996.


The St. Louis Blues are in a double overtime affair with their biggest rivals (other than the Blackhawks when they're actually good), the Detroit Red Wings. The score is 0-0 and the 2nd overtime has just begun and the Red Wings are regrouping behind their net to start the rush. An errand pass is casually intercepted by the "Great One" or at least should have been. Instead, the "Not So Great One" mishandles this gimmy and turns the puck back over. He slowly skates back to his own zone while watching the puckhandler, Stevie Yzerman launch a slapper at journeyman Jon Casey. The rest is history. Thanks Wayne! 


Wayne Gretzky singled handedly ruined the Blues that season. I loved him too but you can see the lack of effort on this…




Was he betting on the game? (Maybe his wife was. Ooops!)


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The Red Wings went on to lose to the Colorado Avalanche that season so that took a little bit of the sting off. Still, I frequently see the