Protecting the right guys

Ian Fergusson


 Sidney Crosby


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This is part two of an article in for An Expert’s Audit.  My hope is that you can glean something beneficial out of this, particularly you folks in salary leagues.


Protecting the right guys

It is a common misconception that you just keep the best players.  Well I suppose it is true that in a straight draft keeper league you do indeed keep the best players, but in a salary league you don’t protect the best players you protect the best value.  There’s a big difference between spending a fifth of your cap on Sidney Crosby and having a minimal FA protection on Jonathan Toews.


Many leagues mix salaries and/or draft picks into the setup and your auction/draft strategy has to change from your standard redraft league.  Should you use 1/5th of your cap to protect Sidney Crosby or do you protect Peter Mueller, Kyle Okposo, and Patrick O’Sullivan for the same price?  You protect the kids and then you use the extra space in your cap to try and resign Sid for as close to the same price as last year.  Protection in salary leagues isn’t about talent, it’s about value and it’s always better to have your cake and eat it too.


I got to auctioneer for a league last year and my jaw literally dropped as a buddy nominated and got his backup goalie for the minimum FA bid.  Now he sits with Miikka Kiprusoff and Carey Price and it baffles me that nobody bid him up at that auction.  He didn’t win the league this year but he’s got himself a cornerstone on the cheap for years to come.  Obviously he’s going to keep Price and let inflation slowly raise his salary over the next decade.  I mention this because keeping players is all about value and not about talent.


Learn about inflation
If you’ve never considered the concept of inflation in your salary league then I’d be betting that you’ve