NHL Prospects – From a Fantasy Standpoint

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Second place – well, I guess it's okay to be the best of all the losers…but wouldn't you rather be first?


Fast becoming a "must own" in keeper leagues, the Fantasy Prospect Report will be out on June 1. More below…



Matt Bugg of "Bugg Bytes" fame, and myself – Dobber – have come together once again to put together a full lowdown on all the fantasy-worthy NHL prospects. Seven to 10 prospects on each NHL team, how they have improved/regressed since last year's prospect report (which, by the way, is still on sale now in the Shop DobberHockey section – buy it, if you didn't last year, it's still worth it!), what their upside is and how long you will have to wait on them. 


As a bonus, we have added a percentage of certainty that they will get to the NHL and a percentage of certainty that they will hit their upside. Just leave no questions in your mind, it's all covered. Do you draft prospects in your keeper league? Then pick up the Fantasy Prospects Report and hammer the opposition – otherwise, they'll hammer you!


At the end of the player profiles, Matt Bugg gives you his Mock Draft. Two rounds are done to start, and on June 10 we will update this report with five rounds of 2008 draft eligible players. Get an early jump on next year's David Perron!


Of course, the usual charts are back: Dobber vs. Bugg Top 40 prospects who have never played a game in the NHL, Top 20 fantasy-worthy kids in the draft, etc.

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Remember – this is an automatic download. Once purchased, you can go to your "downloads" section and pick it up any time after June 1.


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