June 9, 2008

Dobber Sports



Alexei Yashin led the RSL in postseason scoring, beating Morozov (but playing six more games).


It is interesting to note that future Maple Leaf Nikolai Kulemin had 29 penalty minutes in just 11 postseason contests. He could offer value in a few categories next season… it would seem.


Big news here, for those of you who trusted in DobberHockey for this hidden gem: Igor Makarov has announced that he will cross the pond and participate in Chicago's training camp. This is big news in that the questions surrounding his coming over was the biggest drag on his fantasy value. His is a high risk, high reward player. Initially, if he makes this tough Chicago roster, I would not expect more than 30 points and 80 PIMs. In time, he could be a point per game player. It is a very tough young roster to crack nowadays though. He ranks 50th on my Fantasy Prospects List and is profiled in the Fantasy Prospect Report.


The Red Wings are holding a press conference this morning to announce the retirement of Dominik Hasek. He had retired before, and then drove us fantasy players nuts by coming back… then getting hurt. His injuries kept us on our toes these last three years, always wondering if he play or be forced to retire. Now that nightmare is over! Now, if only Forsberg would do the same…


The Tennessean is reporting that negotiations with Dan Ellis are at a standstill.


Steve Sullivan update: There's been some progress in his skating and exercises, but his back does not hold too long in many on-ice sessions. GM David Poile: "Steve remains optimistic and his goal is to play this season. I think it's questionable because he's yet to this point able to break through what the doctors refer to (as) a threshold. The pain, the back discomfort, the back locking … until that goes away, it's going to be difficult for him to play professional hockey.''


675 people beat me in the DobberHockey Ultimate Playoff Pool 2009, but it's the Top 4 who get the prizes. Congrats to Jean for taking the top prize of a Nicklas Backstrom autographed Caps jersey, courtesy of hockeyknight.com.


Backstrom jersey


David Nunes, Patrick Gilbert, Jeremy Wall, "Miscreants", Doug Yool, Paul Siopiolosz and Colin McPhee all tied for second, however the tie-break