An In-Depth Keeper Hockey League

Ian Fergusson




Welcome once again to “An Expert’s Audit”. This audit will also be posted here as well as on my fantasy hockey blog at . During the season I also do weekly reviews of teams for people who email in to me for a look-see. These audits will continue to appear here monthly and if you’re interested in having your keeper team “worked over” then you can begin by emailing Dobber about it.


I’ve been emailing back and forth with Paul Miller about his hockey team for going on three seasons now. When I first looked at his league it scared the crap out of me because it seemed so convoluted when you add the salaries and the expiring contracts and stuff like that but once you get your feet wet then it all ain’t so bad. Let me encourage the rest of you to dive right into some in-depth league and have a blast with it. If you’re going into a league like this one then you should review my last two month’s submission to “An Expert’s Audit” for a few extra pointers on how to stay afloat in a salary league.


Let’s get right to it. Paul plays in a 10-team salary league with 25 man rosters and a reserve roster of minor leaguers and bench options with salary attached. Each team starts 15 forwards (no positional requirement), 7 defensemen, and 3 goalies. You keep 12 guys plus your farm team since they don’t count toward your cap until they’re actually in the NHL. The league’s roto style has for its categories: G, A, +/-, PIM, and Goalie Wins + (2 x shutouts). That lone goalie category makes this league a bit quirky since every starter in the NHL will be starting in this league but there are no ratios to worry about. Goalies who get shutties are GOLD, particularly if you can get up near 40 wins on the season too. The auction salary cap is $250 and the in-season cap is $300.


Paul won this league this past season … by a single roto point. He rode all the way to a championship on the elite goaltending of Roberto Luongo, the stellar goal scoring of Ilya Kovalchuk and the PIMy influence of Chris Pronger. Unfortunately all of those guys’ contracts expired and they all go back into the auction. You’ll want to go after them again. And yes, you should pay dearly for them. Your team weakness last year was assists and you’ll want to addre