A Look at Past NHL Drafts Part II

Ryan Ma


 Joe Thornton


Many people believe that there are three correct ways of building a great NHL team, the first is through trading to acquire players that will fit a team’s need. The second is through free agency and signing the missing link during the off season, and the third is through the NHL entry draft. Last week we looked at draft position and how it affected a player’s career NHL production, and with the 2008 NHL entry draft just around the corner we’ll look back at the past to see which teams have been particularly strong in the past at drafting in the first round of the NHL entry drafts and juxtapose them to teams that have been extremely weak. You’ll certainly be surprised to see which team is traditionally the first-round draft loser.

The data compiled was taken from www.hockeydb.com and the team stats are based on the original team that drafted the player not the team that the player played for. For example, Marian Hossa was drafted by the Senators all his point totals are under Ottawa. Dany Heatley was drafted by the Thrashers and all his point totals are under Atlanta. I took the numbers just to compare each team’s eye for talent not their ability in trade and recognizing mistakes they may have made when choosing them during the drafts.
Below is the average draft position per team since the 1993 NHL entry draft along with the number of picks they have been allocated.




Avg Draft Pos

# of Draft Picks