June 21, 2008

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The Sens gave Chris Kelly a four-year contract extension. I think he could have actually had decent 55-point pop on a new team… but not in Ottawa.


The Leafs and Islanders each blew their chance to pick up Nikita Filatov, who could be the steal of the draft. Remember – Jagr was chosen fourth in his draft. Nothing against the players chosen, I'm just saying it could come back to haunt them.


The picks that caught my attention and moved up my fantasy draft lists the most? Tedenby going to New Jersey and Tikhonov going to Phoenix.


NHL.com is streaming Day 2 coverage of the draft. Just an FYI.


The Flyers acquired Steve Eminger from Washington who has high risk/reward offensive potential. His role in training camp bears watching.


If I'm a fan of… pretty much any team but Montreal, Calgary, Tampa Bay, LA, and Phoenix, I would be pretty upset with management. Why? Because management could have acquired Mike Cammalleri, Olli Jokinen and Alex Tanguay for two middle firsts, a third and a couple of No.3/4 defensemen. TB is excused because it would be silly to trade Stamkos. LA is excused because they are set up front. I guess you can excuse Pittsburgh and Detroit because those teams are set. Anaheim and Philadelphia are pressed against the cap. But there are about 15 teams out there who could have used an entirely new first line and could have had one cheap. Just my thoughts. Kids are great to draft and offer a cheap short-term solution and promising long-term potential. But those three players are ready right now. You can only hope that the player you draft winds up as good as Jokinen. I'm not (Toronto) mentioning (Maple) any names (Leafs) specifically though. Kudos to Phoenix, Calgary and Montreal. RIP Florida.


Interested in hearing Matt Bugg on the FAN 590 from Friday? CLICK HERE!  (15 min in)

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Still on the topic of Bugg and the draft – he will be doing a LIVE Blog on DobberHockey right on the home page, reflecting on the Day 2 draft picks and giving you his take.


Our friends over at KUKLAS KORNER have people in Ottawa also Blogging live at the event. You can take a look at what they say by clicking HERE.