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Bugg's back from his vacation, and just in time. Reviews are starting to filter in from team rookie camps around the league, and some names you should know have risen to the top.



Star of the Camp: Zach Bogosian, 1st round '08. Incredible strength. Had oppossing forwards sticking to the boards like fly paper. He does that in camp, and he's in the show this year.


Star of the Camp: Blake Wheeler, 1st round '04. Bs fans had to be a mite concerned, what with the huge dollars thrown at an unproven college free agent. Those worries can be put to rest. Wheeler didn't look like a prospect next to the other invites, scoring multiple times on camp goalie Manny Fernandez with both pinpoint wristers and dirty rebounds. He looks to have learned how to use his size, and his speed has improved mightily.


Star of the Camp: Nate Gerbe, 5th round '05. While he's not out of the woods yet, the diminutive forward and Dobber favorite did pro-level things against mostly junior-level talent. His shooting arsenal and speed were especially on display. He'll get to play with the big boys in camp.


Star of the Camp: Brandon Sutter, 1st round '07. Nobody worked has worked harder in Canes camp than Sutter. While his physique still has much to be desired, his overall strength has gone up and so has his maturity. Could play right now in the NHL if he wasn't 180 lbs soaking wet.


Star of the Camp: Jakub Voracek, 1st round '07. Voracek hasn't stood out in BJs camp, but that's because everyone's stopped watching him. He's a pro among boys out there, making the simple play when other prospects would be trying the fancy one. He's on the team this year.

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