July 30, 2008

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Nashville rearguard Ville Koitinen was awarded a one-year deal worth $700K


Because of the Bouchard signing, the Wild are able to buy out contracts for 48 hours and they decided to buy out Mark Parrish, placing him on waivers yesterday.


Tomorrow is decision day (apparently) for Mats Sundin. I'm thinking Vancouver or retirement. He has a good head on his shoulders and he is very grounded, so he may look at the big picture: retirement with lots of money can be fun.


Today's 'Fantasy Spin ' on the Forecaster was written by yours truly. You can access it HERE .


Ottawa re-signed prospect Josh Hennessy to a two-year deal.


The Pens re-signed David Gove and recently acquired Danny Richmond to one-year deals.


Just a quick note to people who may be wondering why a team would buy out a contract at 2/3 of the salary… but won't bring up a player via re-entry waivers and possibly pay half: NHL teams can't do this in the summer. Re-entry waivers don't exist during summer months.
Antoine Vermette's arbitration hearing is tomorrow.


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