August 01, 2008

Dobber Sports



French Guides are UP NOW. Sorry for the delay.


Today is International Dobber's Guide Day!


The Fantasy Guide will be available around 3pm ET today. Don't get left behind! The draft list (i.e. Top 500 player points predictions) should be available in your Downloads by 1pm ET.


The Preds have signed Jerred Smithson to a two-year extension.


Jaroslav Modry will play in the Czech Republic next season.


Defenseman Ryan Caldwell as signed to play in Germany next season.


Defenseman Kevin Doell has signed to play in the SEL


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Minor Leaguer Duncan Milroy has also signed to play in Germany


The Toronto Star is speculating that Sundin is leaning towards retirement. Stay tuned…


The NHL has upheld the Kings' buyout of Dan Cloutier. Cloutier had grieved that he was injured.


If you bought the guide, you should at least see something in your downloads section (i.e. I put up fake "teaser" documents that you should be able to open). If you do not see anything, then go to "Your Details" and change your email address to match what you gave Paypal. Still doesn't work? Email me at [email protected] But PLEASE try the above first because you can understand how busy today is for me. The only reason it should not show up on your downloads screen is if you purchased the guide and DID NOT let Paypal redirect you back to DobberHockey – you probably just exited the window. So if it does not show up and you tried the above, email me and I will manually add you – but you will have to wait until after 3pm when the guide is up. No sense in making everyone wait while I manually add four or five people!


Dobber Nation has grown: is up and running! If you haven't already, I invite you to have a look around, sign up to the baseball forum, and enjoy! Everyone keeps DobberHockey a secret from your fellow poolies… but if you're not in a baseball pool you can tell your baseball buddies about this new site at least!