August 23, 2008

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Fantasy Guide – French and English – are updated to today. 


The Devils have waived Vitaly Vishnevski for cap reasons, I would imagine. Don't be shocked if he's off to the KHL.


Dallas assigned Lauri Tukonen to play in the Finnish League for this season. They assigned defenseman Tom Wandell to play in the SEL this year.


Michel Therrien is a fan of Alex Goligoski, telling the Trib: "I like his poise with the puck," Therrien said. "I like the way he skates. He always makes a good first pass. He's a good passer on the power play. He improved through the course of the season, his defensive game. At such a young age, those type of players need to improve defensively. We'll see during training camp where he is, and we'll make a decision." He is the favorite to replace Whitney in the lineup in the fall, but Letang and Gonchar will still man the top power play.

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Wild rearguard Kurtis Foster is eyeing a Christmas return from his broken leg.


There is speculation that Richard Zednik would be part of the Van Ryn for McCabe package. Such a deal would save the Leafs $1.5 million. To me, I would rather just have McCabe if that's all I'm saving. I was a big fan of Van Ryn's potential, but his wrist injuries were quite serious.