September 4, 2008

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Carey Price dropped 25 pounds in the offseason, according to the Gazette. While it is wonderful that he is in such good shape, it scares me that his body underwent such a change so quickly. If you are used to moving a certain weight at a certain speed, it is an adjustment to suddenly move a different weight at that same speed. It's nice to read a player being it top shape over the summer and dropping five or 10 pounds… but 25 may not be a good thing. I won't adjust my rating of Price over it… but something will nag at the back of my brain until he gets a few good starts in.


It is pretty well known at this point that Mike Babcock is hell-bent on having Zetterberg center one line and Datsyuk center the other line. From the Detroit News: "Not maybe — for sure," Babcock said. "They're not playing together. It would be crazy to play them together." But do not let that influence how your run your team in any way. Coaches change their lines as often as they change their socks – more often, in fact. Babcock, himself, is as guilty of this as anyone. But let's say this plan sticks for all 82 games – it won't impact their top six. Hossa, Zetts and Dats will still get their 90 to 100 points and where they play won't change that. Filpulla, Franzen, Holmstrom, Hudler and – if he impresses – Leino will all rotate in and out of the top six throughout the year. So on a macro level, their end-of-year point projection will remain the same. On a micro level, there will be weeks where one is hot and another is not. I just don't want anyone to read too much into line combinations in general, but particularly in this situation. Line combos are really just worth shifting your strategy if there is a potential Thornton-Cheechoo situation. And I've already stated that Franzen and Filpulla are both candidates to benefit.


Jeff Hamilton has signed with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. Don't expect him in the NHL, unless the Thrashers need him and sign him to an NHL contract.


The Bruins signed Stephane Yelle.

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Ric Jackman has signed to play in the Swiss League this season.