September 09, 2008

Dobber Sports



Listen live to Dobber on the Bill Watters show on AM640 Toronto at 6:10pm via this link.  


FYI the Don Matthews news bumped me off the 5:40pm slot on the Bill Watters show today. I will be on at 6:10pm today instead. 


My articles over at The  HockeyNews resume their regular schedule this week – a sure sign that the season is around the corner! I'll have articles every Tuesday and Thursday, and the fantasy mailbag every Wednesday.


The KHL is protesting the Jackets' contract with Maxim Mayorov. The talented prospect is still a good year away regardless of how this turns out. 


Remember Rico Fata? He signed to play in the Swiss League this season. In case you are in a "what could have been" pool. 


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Today at 5:40 pm, Bill Watters Show on AM640 – Dobber talks some fantasy hockey, be sure to listen in.


Fantasy baseball fans check out DobberBaseball !