A Roto-Look Ahead – Week 3

Tom Reeve


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Hockey is in full swing which means injuries are coming fast and furious as well. Finding injury replacements is a key component to a successful fantasy year. It can be depressing using Todd White to replace Alfredsson but every point you can get out of an injury replacements might make a difference in the end. Although nothing can make waiver wire players into fantasy studs you might be able to squeeze a few more points out of your those borderline second or third liners if you consider the team's schedule.


Every week the looking ahead tables can give you an indication of which teams have the best and worst one-week schedules. The same principal is used to give you some longer terms looks when trying to find some injury replacements. Below are some of the results for a two, three or four week period – depending on how long your injured player is expected to be out.
Two week replacement
If you are looking for a two week injury replacement try these teams (rating in brackets): Bruins (8.30), Ducks (7.88), Sabres (7.45), Flames (7.25), Rangers (7.16)
Steer away from: Devils (5.05), Canadiens (5.05), Coyotes (5.04), Islanders (4.95), Capitals (4.75)
Three week replacement
If you need someone over a three week period you might want to favour these teams:
Flames (11.25), Ducks (11.12), Maple Leafs (10.87), Rangers (10.62), Oilers (10.56)
Stay away from: Canadiens (6.09)
Four week replacement
Over the next four weeks you might consider these teams: Flames 15.07, Maple Leafs 13.91, Sharks 13.79
And stay area from: Canadiens 10.19, Blues 10.11, Blackhawks 9.99
After about 4 weeks schedules tend to compare pretty evenly and there isn't much to be gained by taking the favourable schedule over the less favourable schedule.

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