Why Dallas is Still a Powerhouse

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The Stars are 1-3-1 this season, which is good for 27th in a league with 30 teams. The time to act is now – but not in the way we are seeing.


Poolies are jumping off the wagon in droves, pushing goalie Marty Turco off their team in trade talks, bailing on Mike Ribeiro, and dropping Sergei Zubov. These are the owners you need to talk to.

In 2007, Dallas started out 5-6-2 and by the time November 22nd rolled around they were still just 10-7-2. At that point, Turco had just five wins and Mike Smith had peeled off three wins in a row and the fantasy world was buzzing about how he had stolen the starting job. That didn’t happen.

In fact, 34 days later Turco had 15 wins and was back on track.

Now is the time to go after this guy. Especially in one-year leagues. Granted, there is still another six weeks or so before this little funk will end, but start your trade discussions now. Turco has given up th