Twins of the Twine

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Two of this young season's brightest stars are more alike than you think. Separated at birth? Unlikely, if you take a look at their portraits. No, Austria was not an annexation of the USSR in WWII a la Germany. They are distinctly different places. Still, the similarities of two professional hockey citizens from these countries are undeniable.


Where do we start? Alexander Semin and Thomas Vanek just have to be twins. These twins are six-foot-two, just over 200 pounds, 24-year-old left wingers and score boat loads of goals. One is number 26 while the other 28. They are actually only separated by a couple of months in age and were first round selections. 


For both young stars, their short careers are entering the fourth season. These years have not been without their ups and downs. The first season started out like many rookie seasons would. Both were given limited opportunity and showed the promise that loomed ahead in full duty. Being slightly younger, Semin seems to always be slightly behind his twin. He only received 52 games while Vanek 81. In a full season their goals, points and shots on goal would look like…


Rookie-Season Projection:

Vanek: 25G, 48P, 204SOG

Semin: 16G, 35P, 145SOG


Vanek seems to be the distinctly better and different player you say? Well let's just see what happened in their sophomore seasons. These were their best years to date. Vanek had a healthy season potting 43 goals and 84 points. Semin played in 77 games and was just behind his brother from another mother. Full-season projections…


Season-Two Projection:

Vanek: 43G, 84P, 237SOG

Semin: 40G, 77P, 258SOG


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Very little difference in value from season two. Vanek had slightly better totals for scoring but Semin outshot him. Vanek is still head but they are profiling as almost the same player. On to season three. Both players struggled this season for different reasons. Vanek slumped early while Semin struggled with injury. Even if healthy, you can see Semin slipped almost identically to Vanek…


Season-Three Projection:

Vanek: 36G, 64P, 240SOG

Semin: 34G, 55P, 240SOG


As you can see, the injuries held back Semin in the overall but he was right on par in goals and shots in the projection over a full season. They both had a similar setback. This season is a different story. The actual projections would be ridiculous at this point with Vanek having seven goals and nine points with an insane 32 shots going into Tuesday night. Semin has an amazing six goals with 10 points to this point as one of the league leaders as well. Still, to give you an idea of what to expect…</