Frog or Prince

Eric Maltais




It’s still early in the season, but with teams having played between 7 and 12 games fantasy owners are now starting to wonder about certain players. Are the ones who are off to surprisingly hot starts for real and inversely are the ones who are off to unexpectedly cold stars going to come out of their funk? In the first of a two part series, I’ll take a look at players who seem to have turned into unforeseen princes for fantasy owners and reveal whether their production will remain princely or whether these early season princes will turn back into frogs.


Antti Miettinen – Miettinen joined the Wild following three lackluster seasons in Dallas where he averaged 30 points a season. He has benefited greatly from Mikko Koivu’s emergence, but has always been a streaky player (yes, even 30-point players can be considered streaky). He has benefited from the absences of Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Marian Gaborik, and while his six goals should allow him to surpass last year’s career high of 15, I wouldn’t bet on him reaching 20 goals.  Verdict: Frog

Phil Kessel – One of my favorite sleepers of the season, Kessel has gotten off to a better start than even I expected. While I am on record having predicted a 30-goal season from Kessel I don’t expect him to maintain his early season pace. Opposing teams will adjust and I think when all is said and done Kessel will total between 30 and 35 goals. The 40-goal mark will have to wait until next year. Verdict: Prince for years to come

Fabien Brunnstrom – He made a big splash scoring a hat trick in his first NHL game and has added two goals since then despite very limited playing time for a nice total of five goals in seven games. Since his playing time will vary largely from game to game most often tending towards the 10 minute mark, it’s unreasonable to expect him to score at such a pace regularly. Particularly since his five goals have come from only 13 shots on goal. Verdict: Frog

Mikko Koivu – Saku’s brother leads the NHL with 12 assists despite the fact that Gaborik has been out the last five games. He’s clicked centering Miettinen and Andrew Brunette. Despite the fact that I expect Miettinen to slump badly for extended periods of time, Gaborik’s return can only help Koivu maintain regular production. While it’s ridiculous to expect a 100-point season from Koivu, you can expect him to surpass the 80-point mark. Verdict: Prince and new NHL star

Andy McDonald – I am not a fan of Andy McDonald. I always believed that his two good seasons were a product of Teemu Selanne, period. However, following an excellent pre-season I picked him up in the industry experts league just before the regular season started thinking that maybe scorers like Brad Boyes and Keith Tkachuk could have a Selanne effect on McDonald. Needless to say I did not expect such outstanding results. McDonald already has posted five m