A Roto-Look Ahead – Week 5

Tom Reeve




Remember the "Looking Ahead" article at the beginning of the season describing the Rangers' accelerated schedule?  Well it couldn't have worked out any better to create a 'sell high' environment and many Rangers are on people's hot list right now.  Keep that in mind the next week or two as the Rangers have played four to six more games than most other NHL teams.



Carolina has five games in seven nights starting on November 1.  If your week runs from Saturday to Friday you can cash in on your Hurricanes.  They play three games at home and play the Leafs twice.  This is one of three times that Carolina will have five games in seven nights.

Looking for injury replacements?  Looking at a team's schedule may help your chances of finding a good one.  Here are some of the high and low ratings for teams over a two, three and four week period.  The rating is shown in brackets.

Two weeks

High ratings: Flames (7.82), Hurricanes (7.77)

Low ratings: Red Wings (3.89)

Three weeks

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High ratings: Hurricanes (11.22), Oilers (10.47), Capitals (10.20)

Low ratings: Predators (7.31), Red Wings (7.04), Blues (6.65)

Four weeks

High ratings: Hurricanes (15.32), Capitals (13.17), Islanders (13.03)
Low ratings: Blues (10.34), Red Wings (9.89)


Friday, October 31, 2008 to Thursday, November 6, 2008