Dobber 3-Tiered Pool Update – End October

Dobber Sports




Now that the first month is in the books, it’s time to update Dobber’s 3-Tiered Hockey Pools.



The more things change, the more they stay the same. The format may have changed from daily roster changes to weekly and over half of the Experts pool participants are different from last year’s, but The Comish has once again sprinted out of the gate.  The 16.5 point lead has to be considered shaky though as The Comish only leads one of the nine categories (Saves).  RepentTokyo is showing us why he earned the promotion from the Pro pool and as of Halloween, his team sat in second place.

The weekly free agent bidding has been interesting to say the least. The highest bids in October were for Stamkos $38, Goligoski $31 and Sundin $22. The Fantasy Frog has already spent $60 of his $100 free agent money. Conversely, Maaaasquito Bites has only spent $9 on three players. The busiest team on the free agent front was Expert’s Audit, who won eleven bids.




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