An Expert’s Audit – November Edition

Ian Fergusson




Welcome once again to “An Expert’s Audit”. This audit will be posted here as well as on my fantasy hockey blog at Hockey Analysis . During the season I do weekly reviews of teams for people who email in to me for a look-see, they’re less indepth but just as much fun. Dobber audits will continue to appear here monthly and if you’re interested in having your keeper team “worked over” then you can begin by emailing Dobber about it before November 19.


This month, and every month through March, not only does a lucky entrant get his or her team audited, but he or she also receives a FREE book courtesy of Firefly Books . The winner can choose either "Shooting From the Lip " or "Hockey Now! "


Alexander Norman is a busy man.  He’s a consultant type, and he’s lived all over the world.  He even told me that he once sat with Mike Myers at a hockey game (YA BABY YA!).  In fact, I barely saw Alex online the last couple weeks of our audit because he “had” to trek off to Frankfurt on business (I’d love to live in Europe one day).  I’ve actually been to Frankfurt once, 20 years ago.  It was cool then and I’m sure it’s just as righteous now.

Alex plays in a 14 team fantasy points league keeper.  Many think that I’m talking about a simple tallying of points accrued but actually a fantasy points league gives arbitrary values for stat categories and totals everything up so that the highest point total wins the league.  The stat categories and point are:  G (1.5), A (1), +/- (1), PIM (0.2), PPP (1), W (2), L (-1), SV (0.05), SHO (3).  These types of leagues are harder to evaluate than standard leagues but in general the system awards more for goals, devalues PIMs and hurts you with goalie losses.  

Let’s take a look at Rock Radulov:

C Ryan Getzlaf ANA – can you believe there was actually talk of trading or turfing Getz after his abysmal start?  He’s the sort of guy you never