Fantasy Indicators of Success Part 3

Ryan Ma




For the past three weeks, we covered goalies, defensemen and wingers while examining team-by-team who is primed for fantasy success and who is due for a fall in the coming weeks.


We conclude the series with centers this week and I hope you have gained some valuable information with this mini-series. Centers have always been the deepest position in fantasy hockey and the gap that exists between a top-tiered center compared to a waiver wire center is not that apparent especially if you play in a custom league where your league settings may include faceoff wins or shooting percentage.


When considering centers I used the same settings as comparing wingers. I took into account three major factors 1) total ice-time given 2) power-play ice-time given and 3) shots on goal per game. Generally speaking the higher the numbers the more opportunity there is for success. Face it if you don’t play you don’t score, and if you shoot a ton, there is a higher chance of picking up points. One thing that is different between centers and wingers is that centers tend to be more of the play-making type compared to wingers. Meaning they tend to pass first before considering to shoot.


This one factor will differentiate between what is a quality must own fantasy stud from a generic average fantasy pool center. If you own a “shooting” center you gain a valuable advantage over a non-shooting center. Your center is able to contribute in both the goals and shots on goal department which gives you a couple of advantages over your opponents who don’t possess a shooting center. In roto and most importantly head-to-head fantasy hockey leagues, a guy like Ryan Getzlaf with a line of eight goals, 18 assists and 69 SOG is much more productive than Joe Thornton with a line of five goals, 17 assists and 39 SOG. You could even make a case for Olli Jokinen who has a line of seven goals, 10 assists and 62 SOG to be more owner-friendly than JT. Even Jason Arnott’s totals of 10 goals and seven assists, along with 50 SOG might deserve some consideration. Hmmmmm…  

Before the good stuff let’s take a look at a few:

Maasquito Buzzings…

–    Sammy Pahlsson is leading the Western Conference in faceoff wins with 226.
–    Henrik Sedin picked up seven points this past week all of which are assists.
–    Jiri Hudler and Pavol Demitra was ranked second and fourth overall in Yahoo for last week, Hudler had six points and a plus five rating while Demitra had also had six points with a plus three rating. Both are less than 60% owned, Hudler (34%) Demitra (58%), and could be solid pickups for the rest of the season.
–    Dustin Brown regains the lead in the Western Conference with 69 hits.
–    Kyle Wellwood is shooting at an astounding 32.0%, but he only has registered 25 shots on goal, which explains his elevated stats. Once he takes more shots that %age will go down. Pavol Demitra is climbing up the boards with a 26.9% shooting percentage playing with the Sedins. Tomas Holmstrom rose up to 25.9% and could be worth picking up because as th