A Roto-Look Ahead – Week 10

Tom Reeve




Starting today, December 5, the St. Louis Blues play five games in seven nights including two sets of back to back games.  The first three games are at home starting with the Flames and Coyotes in back-to-back games.  They get one day's rest before the Predators visit and then they play back-to-back games on the road in Anaheim and Los Angeles.  Playing five games in a one week time doesn't happen very often – only twelve times during the regular season although it happens to the Blues twice.



Injury Replacements

Looking at a team's schedule may help your chances of finding a good injury replacement.  Here are some of the high and low ratings for teams over a two, three and four week period starting December 5. The rating is shown in brackets.


Two weeks

High ratings: Blues (7.81), Capitals (7.34)

Low ratings: Maple Leafs (5.15), Ducks (4.86)


Three weeks

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High ratings: Blues (10.77), Kings (9.89)

Low ratings: Sharks (7.88), Ducks (7.71), Oilers (7.69)


Four weeks

High ratings: Capitals (13.76), Thrashers (13.74), Penguins (13.67)

Low ratings: Ducks (10.56), Rangers (10.01) 


Friday, December 5, 2008 to Thursday, December 11, 2008
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