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Tis the season for fantasy savings. This time of year can be a joyous yet stressful time for you when you are shopping for the right gifts to put under your tree. In this economic environment, it is important to get the most out of your investments. The same holds true for your hockey squad. You may be feeling the heat as your team is underperforming and needs a jolt. This is the perfect time to go shopping for sales for your fantasy team. The right gift bought at the right time can get your team from the cellar to the cup.


Why is this the season for fantasy values? Well, most owners are at their wits end when it comes to being patient with their underachievers. We are about 30 games into the season and the leash can't get any longer. Right before the midway point, it is time for a change according to most owners. Take advantage.


At the same time, with the holidays and everyone being so busy, many leagues are going into slumber mode but some active owners may be looking to spice things up just for the sake of change. These anxious, hyperactive owners will make some concessions at this point in the season just because trading is entertaining. Looks like a sale price to me.


So, with so many games under the belt, what players are still underachieving but have a chance to turn it around in the second half? We will take a look at the Buy Lows aka value and sale gifts perfect for your fantasy stocking. On the other hand, what players should you be returning in the Sell Highs before they go and break on you? You knew it was too good to be true, and they will soon be discarded in the fantasy closet with injury or slump if you aren't careful. Then, what oldie but goodie can you pull out and reuse when all the new shiny gifts just aren't cutting it? The Resurrection will give you an idea. Finally, the Flashback will give us some time to reflect on our great holiday memories and how things change.


Anyway, enough talk. In this season of traditions, I present a classic Status Report.



The Status Report:

Holiday Sales (Buy Low): 
Dany Heatley, LW, OTT

There is a chink in the armor this season. This mega star may finally be obtainable for a fairly reasonable price. I'd take that gamble that he returns to form despite the teams struggles. Dany has never been JUST a point-per-game player in the "new" NHL like he is right now. Three more games with no points helps that image to buy him cheap. Pay a little more than fair and just keep thinking about his consecutive 100-point seasons and the fact he is only 27 and entering his prime. History is on your side.


Brandon Dubinsky, C, NYR

So a player enters the league. He scores 57 points in his first 121 games. Good debut right? He is still only 22 years old. Really good right? Well, it is all about perspective and Dub has accomplished this solid start is such a fashion that it currently has a bad taste in his owners' mouths. Currently, without Jagr around, Dubinsky is producing at a slightly better rate than he was last&nb