When Worlds Collide

Justin Goldman




Another day, another debate. Which goalie should to start and why? This is the main question that plagues you, and for good reason, for there are so few guarantees when it comes to who will get the call on any given night. Even a number of NHL coaches are making questionable decisions in net, ultimately affecting every single fantasy team in some way or another. Therefore, it’s time for a lesson in how decisions can negatively and positively affect a team.


I decided to focus my energy on the Avalanche and the Panthers and their goaltending over the course of a week. Part of this was because they were both 10th place in their respective conferences and also because both teams played each other yesterday afternoon, making it a great opportunity to watch what happens when worlds collide.

It begins with Andrew Raycroft’s stellar performance in a 3-2 win against Detroit last Monday. The fact he even got the start was surprising, especially since Peter Budaj had started 22 of the last 25 games. Sure enough, Detroit had read the scouting report on Raycroft (high glove side) and they went after him hard in the first period.

Well, Raycroft’s glove ended up being a major factor in Colorado winning the game and this proved to me a couple of things. One, Jeff Hackett’s coaching wizardry seems to be continuing well into his second season. Secondly, Raycroft stays as cool as the other side of the pillow in one-goal games. And considering Colorado is tied with the most one-goal games in the league at 20, playing with a lead is of utmost importance to the Avalanche making the playoffs.

Now the decision to go back to Budaj after Raycroft’s win in Detroit was an easy one for Tony Granato to make, mainly because it was a back-to-back situation. But Budaj struggled in his previous game in a 3-4 loss to Chicago, so the pressure was on him to perform well in Philadelphia and follow up Raycroft’s big performance. But Budaj was a huge step behind, allowing five goals on 24 shots in a 5-2 loss. His confidence was draining with every Flyers goal.

The next game for Colorado was in Tampa Bay and Raycroft was rewarded for his win in Detroit with another start. He put up a second straight strong performance with 37 saves on 38 shots and capped a 2-1 shootout win with a huge glove save on Martin St. Louis. Two big wins for Raycroft in two games, two tough losses for Budaj in two games. Despite all that had transpired, Granato still chose to go back with Budaj on Sunday against Florida.

On the surface it seemed like a simple assertion that Budaj is the undisputed #1 in Colorado. But the major gaffe was that Raycroft, who played better in each game, was not rewarded with a third start. Granato esse