Dobber 3-Tiered Pool Update – End December

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Our monthly look at who did what in the three DobberHockey roto leagues (Expert, Pro and Entry)…




December saw the fall of The Comish, who plummeted from his first place perch to a tie for fourth place. There was only 8.5 points between first and fifth place.

Experts Audit actually LOST three points, but that was good enough to put him in first place on December 31st. The Comish lost 18.5 points and Status Faction fell 15 points. Doulos and his well oiled Hockey Robot had a 17 point increase in the month.

There was only one trade in the month, but it was a big one to be sure:

Dec. 14

To Fantasy Frog:
C-Stastny,P Col, C/LW-Zetterberg Det, D-Corvo Car, RW-Gaborik Min, G-Conklin Det

To Angus Unleashed:
LW/RW-Bouchard,PM Min, RW-Ryan Ana, D-Girardi NYR, C-Briere Phi, C-Sundin Van, G-Nabokov SJ



Dobber Experts G A +/- PIM PPP SOG W GAA SV Total
Expert's Audit 8.5 12 6 7 12 7 6 12 11 81.5
Maaaasquito Bites 7 8 9 12 9 11 10 3 10 79
Fantasy Frog 12 9 10 1 6.5