Fritsche to the Wild for Reitz

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This is an underrated deal in fantasy circles, not unlike the one that brought Lindstrom to Phoenix last month. Dan Fritsche was traded to the Minnesota Wild by the Rangers in exchange for defenseman Erik Reitz.



The Rangers get: a one-dimensional offensive defenseman in the Dan Girardi mold. He could see some ice time early on, which would mean that the slumping Girardi sits. If this happens, look for early points from Reitz. In the grand scheme of things, the Rangers just wanted Fritsche off the books. They waived him just a few days ago.


The Wild get: an underrated two-way forward who could be the star of a team today had it not been for his fragility. This guy is made of glass and that has derailed his career every time it started to roll.

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Fantasy Players impacted: Fritsche gains immediate value. I think he'll be a second-line winger and he will either respond with production, or he'll be sluggish from lack of playing time. I'll be paying attention, that's for sure. Brought into the NHL too soon, the 46th overall pick in 2003 has 70-point upside that he'll never hit if he can't play 80 games. This is his last shot at making something of his career and I have a hunch he'll take advantage. Keep in mind – this is a team that felt that Benoit Pouliot was ready for top-six duty this year. That's how desperate they are.

Also – those select few who are still holding onto Girardi – now is the time to let go.