A Roto-Look Ahead – Week 20

Tom Reeve




Many fantasy leagues have their playoffs the last few weeks of the regular season. Over the next few weeks I would like to address the 'playoff' schedule a few times. I want the analysis to be tailored to your rules, your formats, yours teams and your concerns so please post your playoff schedule questions in the 'Article Feedback' forum.



Looking at a team's schedule may help your chances of finding a good injury replacement.  Here are some of the high and low ratings for teams over a two, three and four week period starting February 13, 2009. The rating is shown in brackets.


Two weeks

High ratings: Rangers(8.91), Blue Jackets (8.61)

Low ratings: Wild (4.95), Flames (4.66)


Three weeks

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High ratings: Capitals (11.68), Blue Jackets (11.36)

Low ratings: Ducks (7.81), Thrashers (7.62)


Four weeks

High ratings: Hurricanes (15.31), Capitals (14.83)

Low ratings: Thrashers (11.51), Ducks (10.86)


Friday, February 13, 2009 to Thursday, February 19, 2009
Best Bets
Columbus 5.66 – FIVE games DET, CAR, DAL, STL, TOR