A Roto-Look Ahead – Week 21

Tom Reeve


Rotisserie League Looking Ahead


Home Stretch

After the trade deadline on March 4 there are still 22% of the games left to play.  All NHL teams play between 17 and 20 games. The top schedules belong to the Senators (20.25), Flyers (20.13), Canadiens (19.94), Blackhawks (19.78), and Wild (19.74) who all play 20 games (ratings shown in brackets). At the other end of the schedule the Hurricanes (16.90), Penguins (16.95), Predators (16.97), Ducks (16.97), and Blue Jackets (17.23) have the worst combination of fewer games, tougher opponents and road games.  The Blackhawks lead the homes games category with 13 after the trade deadline followed by Panthers, Flyers, and Canadiens with 11.



For those fantasy owners looking for those 'big games' from their offensive stars you might want to hedge your bets to the defensively weaker teams.  This season those 'favourable opponents' have emerged as the Leafs, Thrashers and Islanders.  The Capitals and Canadiens get to play these three teams six times after the trade deadline.  Tampa gets five shots at them.  The western conference teams largely miss out on these defensively weaker opponents playing zero to two games against them.


Playoff Rounds

There was question in the forums about the upcoming fantasy playoffs.  Forum contributor old_mosely is looking at a first round bye and wants to know where to get the best bang for his buck for round two and three.  The time period is Week 25 (March 23 to March 29) and Week 26 (March 30 to April 12).

Week 25 and Week 26:

For the whole three week period the best teams are Flyers (11.25), Canucks (10.88), Blackhawks (10.80), Flames (10.58), and Panthers (10.46).  The worst are the Penguins (8.06) and Hurricanes (7.86).

Week 25:

Best – Blue Jackets (4.21), Red Wings (4.20), Ducks (4.15)

Worst – Bruins (2.16), Penguins (2.08), Coyotes (1.92).

Week 26:

Best – Blackhawks (7.95), Flyers (7.45), Devils (7.27), Bruins (7.18)

Worst – Blue Jackets (5.52), Predators (5.38),and Hurricanes (5.14)


Looking at a team's schedule may help your chances of finding a good injury replacement.  Here are some of the high and low ratings for teams over a two, three and four week period starting February 20, 2009. The rating is shown in brackets.

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