A Roto-Look Ahead – Week 22

Tom Reeve


Looking Ahead


March is the month with the most NHL action in it with a total of 210 games.  Combine that with a playoff races and no stupid breaks like All-Star or Christmas and this is a hockey fan’s dream.  Although the schedule makers haven’t pulled out all the stops and given us a day where all 30 NHL teams play.  October 25 was your only time for that.



Starting on Saturday February 28 the Dallas Stars play five games in seven 7 nights.  They are at home to play the Duck and Pens back-to-back and the on the road to face the Sharks, Kings and Ducks. Playing five games in a one week time doesn’t happen very often – only twelve times during the regular season.


Looking at a team’s schedule may help your chances of finding a good injury replacement.  Here are some of the high and low ratings for teams over a two, three and four week period starting February 27, 2009. The rating is shown in brackets.


Two weeks

High ratings: Stars (7.97), Flames (7.75), Senators (7.71)

Low ratings: Rangers (4.91), Ducks (4.86)


Three weeks

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High ratings: Capitals (11.22), Senators (10.79), Stars (10.73)

Low ratings: Rangers (7.91), Ducks (7.77)


Four weeks

High ratings: Wild (14.57), Panthers (14.43), Flames (14.15)

Low ratings: Bruins (11.09), Ducks (10.80)



Friday, February 27, 2009 to Thursday, March 5, 2009
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