The Price is Right (Come on Down!)

Ryan Ma




I used to love watching The Price is Right when I was growing up. I mean the old school Bob Barker Price is Right none of this new school Drew Carey mumbo jumbo. I always loved how Rod Roddy would announce the competitors down to contestant’s row and they get to make their bids. They make their bids while you yell at the tv as loud as you could thinking 'you IDIOT'! This trade deadline is going to be very much of the same. Fantasy pundits like us will be doing that very thing in the forum, yelling and b****ing at the crazy trades, or praising the great moves that benefits both teams. This week we’ll take a look at all the Western Conference teams and further analyze who is a buyer/seller and which players are potentially gearing up for a new uniform. I’ve also thrown in a few of my own trades that would make sense for both teams.   


Maaaasquito Buzzings:

Players with the highest totals in each category who are under 50% owned in Yahoo leagues.