Anaheim Acquires Christensen

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The Ducks have traded prospect Eric O'Dell to the Thrashers for center Erik Christensen.



The Ducks get: a third-line center with second-line potential, replacing Brendan Morrison with a younger, healthier version. Christensen has underacheived in his NHL career so far, but the new scenery could help.


The Thrashers get: a prospect with some upside, but he hasn't improved as much as Anaheim would have liked this year. O'Dell, 18, is a lanky pivot who, with some weight, could blossom into a top prospect. He is not there yet.

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Fantasy players impacted: This should not impact Andrew Ebbett. If anything, it is Christensen who has something to prove. O'Dell moves to a lineup that is easier to crack, but he is still a few years away from that point anyway.