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Ryan Ma


 oshie bieksa


This will be a must-read for all playoff poolies, as I’ll break down everything you pretty much need to know about each of the Western Conference matchups.


There are two traditional ways to approaching a playoff pool. First, is the SPRAY method, where you take a little bit from each team, usually the top performers, and hope to generate points that way. The only problem with that is that out of the millions that play in hockey playoff pools, half of them will generally use the method, which means that essentially you’ll be pretty much picking the same team as everyone else, so the chances of you winning are highly unlikely.

The second method that others will use is the, PRAY method. Basically you load up all the players on one team and hope they make it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals.

A smart combination of both will probably be the key to winning your playoff pool. First, be objective in coming up with who you think will legitimately win the Stanley Cup. Then choose players who are dark horse candidates on that team that will produce until the very end eg.) Todd Bertuzzi or Ryan Kesler going to the end will be much more productive than a Patrick Marleau getting knocked out in the first round. People who won playoff pools last season are the people who picked up Johan Franzen, Ryan Malone, Mike Ribeiro over guys like Alex Ovechkin, Joe Thornton, or Jarome Iginla.

WARNING: this is a pretty long read (roughly 6000 words), but I’d rather give you more info than less. Hopefully it helps you out in your playoff pools.         

Players who I suggested last week and their production during the week.

Matthew Lombardi    0 G, 3 A, -1, 0 PIMs. 1 PPP, 10 SOG
Jon Cheechoo    1 G, 1 A, 0, 10 PIMs, 1 PPP, 2 SOG  
Tomas Holmstrom    0 G, 2 A, -3, 2 PIMs, 1 PPP, 6 SOG  
Scottie Upshall    2 G, 1 A, 0, 2 PIMs, 0 PPP. 12 SOG
Ryan Whitney    0 G, 1 A, -2, 4 PIMs, 1 PPP, 7 SOG
T.J. Galiardi    0 G,1 A, 0, 4 PIMs, 0 PPP, 8 SOG  

Rebounded in the final week of the regular season, as most of my picks were hits last week.

San Jose .vs. Anaheim

Wow huge Pacific Division matchup in the first round for a top vs. bottom matchup. The Ducks righted the ship at the end of the season with a 7-2-1 record to finish the regular season. Can the Sharks get over years of post-season disappointment?


Evgeni Nabokov has a 3-2-0 record with a