Fantasy Hockey Ramble – April 24, 2009

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A too many men on the ice penalty ended the season for Columbus. Here is what we can take from their first playoff in history: Nash, Umberger, Huselius, Russell and Torres were the only multi-point getters, although Nash, Huselius and Torres were a combined minus-11; Commodore was a brutal minus-7 (and I stuck a clip of him blowing it below). Vermette was pointless and a minus-4 in a terrible end to a brutal season for him; Steve Mason had a 4.26 and .878


The Penguins are officially saying Sykora has a shoulder injury, but given how surprised he was about being removed from the lineup in favor of Satan, we know differently. It makes me wonder if teams cover for a player by saying they are injured when they are not! It's bad enough that injuries are lied about the way they are, but now even health is lied about?


Kris Letang missed with an undisclosed injury.


On tomorrow's Dobber Nation Podcast, Guy Flaming of Edmonton's "Pipeline Show" and Hockey's Future will be on to discuss the Oilers and some prospects; Paul McCann hosts Preds weekly show on AM560 sports radio in Nashville; DobberHockey's Jeff Angus will be on to give his take on some of the playoff action. That's tomorrow. As always, if you want to a) have a banner on the Dobber Nation page for over 10,000 sets of eyes to see, AND b ) Have a 30-second ad for 10,000 sets of ears to hear – all for $50-$80, email Rob here .


Found in James Mirtle's Blog – the KHL did some massive restructuring yesterday. Players were shuffled around in something akin to a waiver draft and those players who moved had to take a 50% pay cut. Those players not involved in this redraft still need to take a cut of 5-20%. It would seem that the KHL is losing it's hold on players and I would bet that you will see Radulov come over next campaign, and perhaps even Jagr. Thanks to forum contributer "Stephane Richer" for the link.


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Jonas Hiller is single-handedly killing a lot of playoff pools, shutting out the Sharks twice now in four games.


Sergei Samsonov missed yesterday's contest with a lower body injury. I would suspect that he had been playing through it, given the weak production.


The Canes actually scratched Anton Babchuk, who has been pointles