Surgery a Failure – Rambling – May 02, 2009

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Marcus here:


During yesterday's Canucks practice, Bernier and the Sedins were seperated from the rest of team. Look for Coach V to try Burrows on a different line. Not a fan of this move but just thought it was worth a read.



San Jose signed prospect John McCarthy, LW, to an entry level deal. His upside is minimal – below 60 for sure.


Brian Rafalski missed Detroit's last practice for a "rest day", but as you can see from his absence from last night's game, "rest day" could mean anything – from the flu, to a hangnail, to a broken leg.


Interesting – the last time the Caps and Pens met in the playoffs, Sergei Gonchar was on the Caps (2001)

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The Preds have assigned Jonathan Blum to Milwaukee of the AHL, as he has received medical clearance.


Mike Richards' shoulder surgery was a complete disaster. Pure failure. Just kidding, it was a "success". But wouldn't it be nice to occasionally see surgery announced as a failure? Every headline following an athlete's surgery is "Player X's Surgery was a Success" – even the ones that turn out to be failures are initially called successes. It seems a waste of words – if it's successful every time, then it's redundant to specifically call it a success each occasion. Let's all assume it's a success and only create a headline and article if it's a failure (which is never).


Yes, it's a slow news day so I ramble about stupid things…