Balsillie Rocks – Ramble – May 06, 2009

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Undrafted Swedish goaltender Jonas "The Monster" Gustavsson intends to play in the NHL next season. The 24-year-old was the top goaltender in the SEL and reportedly has several suitors, including Toronto. He has the potential to be the next Niklas Backstrom so stay tuned.


Info on the Fantasy Prospects Report, as advertised on page 34 of THN's Draft Issue, can be found here.


Anaheim rearguard James Wisniewski took a slap shot to the rib area and was then elbowed in the head by Tomas Holmstrom. Diagnosed with a "lung contusion", he remained in hospital overnight. He had been carried off in a stretcher.


Damien Cox has an intesting slant on the Balsillie vs. Bettman debacle. His take is that because the players have a huge stake in overall league revenues, they are seeing the paychecks cut dramatically thanks to Phoenix. He alludes to the NHLPA not only backing Balsillie, but that they knew this was coming over a week ago. The NHLPA wants to maximize revenue and another team in Ontario will do that. This is essentially the NHLPA and Balsillie vs. the NHL and Bettman. Read the full piece here.


Balsillie not only wants the feather in his cap that is an NHL team in Ontario – but he wants to be completely open about it and still force things to fall his way despite the NHL opposition, making that feather a very big one. It's an additional challenge to him to take on a powerhouse head on and come out on top. That's why he doesn't want to keep his plans under wraps, as I was wondering about below. I fully support Jim Balsillie and I signed up on . You should too.


A quick comment on Jim Balsillie's aggressive attempt to buy the Coyotes and bring them to Southern Ontario. First off, I wonder why he doesn't just silently buy a team, keep it in its market for one full year and THEN move it to Ontario – catching the league off guard. By being so open about it, he just gets the NHL's panties in a knot. Second, why is the league so dead against the move?


"Sources tell TSN that the NHL is not happy with what is perceived by the league as a powerplay by Balsillie and will wrestle with this matter in court." Again – why? Can the NHL not see the forest through the trees? Balsillie is rich enough that he is eventually going to win.


Providence has signed Boston prospect Jamie Arniel to a contract. His long-term upside is rather limited, as he is more of a third-line checker, despite decent points this past campaign.

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The Pens signed prospect Casey Pierro-Zabotel to an entry level deal. Coming off a 115-point WHL season, he would have gone back into the