The Fat Lady Has Sung III

Ryan Ma


 Bobby Ryan


The second round of the Western Conference playoffs are over and another two Western Conference teams have joined four others on the golf course early this summer. Similar to the columns from two weeks ago, we’ll do a quick assessment of their players with fantasy significance and take a look at what could be in store for them next season.   




Five Stars

Alex Edler – Certainly was one of the Canucks that performed better than expected as he finished with eight points in 10 playoff games this post-season. He averaged 22:08 per contest for Vancouver, 3:19 of which came on the power-play. With the momentum that he built in this great post-season, Edler should translate into a solid 40-45 point player next season.      


Four Stars

Daniel Sedin – Both Sedin’s finished with a team-leading 10 points each, as they led the way for the Canucks. Daniel was more productive in the SOG and PIMs department as he picked up a team-high 36 SOG along with eight PIMs. I assigned the fantasy Western Conference Hart Award to him last week and he certainly backed up that award with a solid post-season this year. He is due for unrestricted free agency in the off-season, but the Canucks should have enough salary cap room to accommodate the Sedins, look for another consistent line of 80 points, 35 PIMs, and 275 SOG next season from the Swedish sniper.

Henrik Sedin – As mentioned above, both Sedins had good post-seasons while tallying at a point-per-game pace these playoffs. I would have awarded them five stars if they were able to get the Canucks past the Blackhawks, but they didn’t so I dropped them one step on the ladder. Henrik’s numbers don’t look as attractive as Daniel’s as he only picked up two PIMs, and 19 SOG, but Henrik has always been known as a passer more so than a shooter. He is an assists machine as he averaged near the 60 assists mark in the last four seasons. Look for him to make it five consecutive next season.


Sami Salo – Salo also tallied a very respectable point-per-game effort these playoffs, while picking up seven points in seven contests and firing 12 SOG. He was battling a “lower-body injury” which caused him to miss a few games in the playoffs. Salo has the history of being a bit of a band-aid boy, so expect another 60 game, 25-30 point season from him next season.           


Three Stars

Mats Sundin – I’ll be honest and say that I expected a bit more from Sundin, which is why I dropped him down to three stars instead of awarding him four. For me the playoffs, is when a superstar steps up and brings his “A” game. I understand the fact that he’s 38-years old, but a star needs to be a star in order to take their team to the next level, unfortunately, he didn’t. I wouldn’t expect Sundin to be back with the Canucks next season unless he’s willing to take a massive pay cut and accommodate for their salary cap situation after re-signing the Sedins. Expect a similar situation as this season, where he’ll wait out till Christmas before making a decision about his