Holik – I love his agent – May 24, 2009

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Havlat took a hit early in the second and did not return. He needs to stay home and get healthy – you only get one life.


Havlat is playing, what can I say? As an unrestricted free agent, he needs to show that he is alright…even if he isn't. People who take a hit like that and get all glassy-eyed suffer from what the medical community calls "a concussion". Had he been under contract for next year, I submit that he would not be playing today. My .02


Bobby Holik is retiring. His career high was 65 points, but he was one of the bigger fantasy hockey teases out there. He had seasons of 62, 65 and 64 points on the defensive juggernaut New Jersey Devils of the mid-90s and then he signed a huge contract with the Rangers – leading many of us to believe he would explode to 70 points or more, now that he was out of that stifling system. He beat 35 points just one more time after that. I admire his brilliance and if I ever have a hockey playing son – I would seek out Holik's agent to represent him.  Millions and millions of dollars for mediocrity. He was bought out by the Rangers (for millions) and then signed (for more millions) with Atlanta! And then…the Devils were still willing to pay him $2.5 million. And you had to think that the best they could hope for from him this past season was 75 games and 35 points. At best. Now he knows that getting millions is out of the question, so he retires. Holik – you (and your agent) are the master. Go enjoy life sleeping on a big pile of money with many beautiful women.


Vancouver prospect Cody Hodgson was named CHL's player of the year. He is as "surefire" an NHLer as you will find and he will step into the lineup next season and make a Calder-like impact. That being said, if he ever clears 85 points in a season I'll eat my hat. He'll be a 75-85 point player in his prime.


It's funny. Chicago media (and subsequently all the other fantasy hockey websites) are reporting that Martin Havlat "may play" today. C'mon now, don't be ridiculous. It's still 2010 – we won't catch up to Martin Havlat until 2020. After all – he was knocked into the next decade. He's done for the playoffs, and Chicago's mind games aren't fooling me – or the Red Wings. If he plays, you have to lose some respect for the NHL and the way the league treats players with head injuries.


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Cristobal Huet will indeed get the start today. Bulin has a LBI.


Tuomo Ruutu was back in the lineup yesterday, but he didn't even play eight minutes.


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