Dobber’s Three-Tiered Pool Recap

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It’s been so long since the end of the regular season, you may have thought that I had forgotten about writing a summary of what transpired in Dobber’s top tier of his three-tiered pools.  Not so.  I don’t take losing well and just received clearance from my doctor to finally take a look back and analyze what went so horribly wrong.



After winning the inaugural three-tiered pool, I thought I had the winning formula. One thing I didn’t consider; this year’s group was stronger than the previous edition’s. We had the top two finishers from the Pro division last year and they were like hungry wolves.

The draft was typical with such a knowledgeable group. Plenty of cursing as the players you had pegged as potentially your next pick just kept getting taken right in front of you.  

The most interesting story in this tier was by far where Ovechkin was traded away by Maaaasquito Bites and he subsequently went from second last to third overall at the finish line.  This was in spite of trading away the best fantasy player in a package deal (see trade log below for details) for among others, Brenden Morrow, who was injured just as the trade was accepted and never played a game for his new owner.

As you can see in the table below, it was a close affair.  The two teams that came up from the Pro division, Doulos-Hockey Robot and RepentTokyo, both acquitted themselves well and have earned the right to compete in this group next season.  The top two finishers from the Pro division this season will also join this group next season.

We’ll have to wait and see if Status Faction and The Kvass Guild will accept the challenge awaiting them in the Pro division.  



Dobber Experts G A +/- PIM PPP SOG